South American Countries through Their International Dialing Codes

Deciphering Geoguessr Locations through Phone Country Codes

Enhance your Geoguessr expertise by recognizing international dialing codes used across different countries. This page provides your comprehensive guide to global phone country codes, aiding you in accurately pinpointing your in-game location. We've collated an exhaustive list of international country codes, like '1' for the USA and '32' for Belgium, conveniently sortable by continent. This resource assists both rookie and pro Geoguessr players in identifying their location swiftly and accurately. Understanding the differences in international dialing codes can significantly streamline your Geoguessr gameplay. By accurately recognizing these codes, you can confidently determine your geographical location within the Geoguessr map. Are you ready to elevate your Geoguessr gameplay with the power of phone country codes? Dive into our guide, utilize our lookup tool, and turn every Geoguessr round into a unique geographical challenge. Happy guessing! All Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America

Argentina Southern South America
+ 54
Bolivia Western South America
+ 591
Brazil Central South America
+ 55
Chile Southern South America
+ 56
Colombia Northern South America
+ 57
Ecuador Western South America
+ 593
Peru Western South America
+ 51
Uruguay Southern South America
+ 598