European Country Identification through Bollard Designs

Unlock the Power of Bollards in Geoguessr

Improving your Geoguessr skills isn't just about geography; it's about spotting subtle clues. One such clue is the often overlooked bollard. Each country has unique bollards, offering hints to a player's location in Geoguessr. This page is a concise guide to understanding bollard designs worldwide. We've compiled an easy-to-navigate overview of these designs, sortable by continent and country. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Geoguessr player, this guide will help you identify your geolocation swiftly and accurately. To help put your newfound bollard knowledge to the test, you can give the 'Bollards of the world' map a go. Here, you can practice identifying countries solely through their distinctive bollard designs. This map has been thoughtfully created by MouseWithBeer, whom we'd like to express our gratitude for this fantastic contribution to the Geoguessr community. All Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America